Study area

Now that we are settling into the new year, I am trying to do lots of studying, both from books and online. I hope to add links to, or explanations of, potentially useful and interesting material on this page at regular intervals.
So, for those of you who like to find out about things, here is some interesting on-line information about various aspects of movement and musculoskeletal health.

First, fascia release. Bristol Massage Therapy has a good introduction to the subject, and I recommend looking at the ‘fuzz’ video link. Deep Recovery also have some easy to understand information.

A French research unit have done some amazing high magnification video of fascia, which is fascinating, if you are not squeamish and have a little time available. It’s quite long, but you don’t have to watch it all to get an idea of how amazing this stuff is.

I do a lot of work in classes to address hip muscle balance, especially concerning the hip flexor muscle, psoas major, which can often be a source of trouble, especially if you sit a lot.

Hip muscle imbalance may be part of what is termed ‘lower-crossed syndrome’, where the spine position is compromised due to muscle imbalances. I’m struggling to find a really good website that explains it without too much science, or without unnecessary ‘do this exercise’ bits, but Dr. Joe Muscolino and Professional PT and Training both have good information.

Related to this is upper cross syndrome, as described by Invictus. Both can happen…

Here concludes the first instalment of home reading. Feel free to come to class with a list of questions…