Pilates Classes in 2018

2018 is now properly up and running. Hope everyone's New Year Resolutions are doing well. One of mine is to do some regular study every week. I have a new page where I will put up links, and summaries of interesting information I've been reading about for any of you who would like to understand a little more about the biomechanics behind your exercise sessions. The first instalment is now available!

I plan to start a new evening beginners class on a Wednesday, probably starting late Feb/early March. I am just sorting a suitable venue, and will advertise it here and on Facebook shortly. If anyone would like to go on the waiting list, do get in touch; I have 3 people signed up so far.

If you are looking for private lessons, for rehab work or sports related performance enhancement, I can offer half hour, 45 minute, or 1 hour options, mainly during school daytime hours. I have limited evening diary space.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy year ahead, Laura